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When I started to make my first tuning table I was fully aware that I would need a measurement of the air pressure inside the bellows. I needed an indication for the force that would be applied to the reeds in test.

I then made use of a U-tube and in it ascending or descending liquid.

On the internet, I had searched and found nothing, as well as a customer, who could not find anything for his existing tuning device, and asked me for a solution.

So why not pack AKKOtune's proven pressure measurement and display technology into a small practical device that is easy to use.

There is it now - the air pressure gauge AKKOmbar, which can display both negative pressure and overpressure up to 20 mbar. Approximately 10 mbar corresponds to the air pressure with loud playing of an accordion.

More information about the new part can be found here and in the price lists for downloading.

It can be ordered immediately and can be delivered in approx. 4 weeks.