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AKKOblock           Direct tuning device for reed blocks

AKKOblock can be installed upon AKKOtune compact or an AKKOtune DESK worktop. With a correspondingly large blowing hole in the correct position, the device is also used on other tuning tables.

  • The horizontally clamped reed block is blown or sucked via an exchangeable blowhole, placed in the blow module, from the rear, allowing direct measurement and tuning of the lying reeds in front of you.
  • The reed block is clamped (new clamping divice) on a carriage that can be adjusted in X, Y and Z direction. This can be moved very sensitively with a rack drive, so that you can position a tone chamber just in front of the blow module. The blow module is pivoted with a lever to the rear and when resetting it is located firmly on the tone chamber opening.
  • With the large rocker switch on the blower module, the air flow is started or immediately blocked, and the blower in the AKKOtune compact or modular is stopped via the remote start cable connected at the rear.
  • The blow module has 2 microphones inside and outside and outputs the acquired measuring signal via USB.
  • o Dimensions: W 600 x D 210 x H 170 - 180 mm
    o Weight, w/o accessories: approx. 5 kg
    o Clamping width: 135 - 580 mm

    o Shifting range: max. 390 +50 mm
    o Blow Hole inserts: 8mm round and 14mm round
        (oher sizes/shapes on request)

    Cables included: remote start cable 0.5m and USB cable 1.5m

  • Hand Rest for AKKOblock
    To ensure a calm and safe working you can order AKKOblock with a hand rest.
    The padded and leather-covered bow for supporting the wrist is 4-fold adjustable in height and is held securely in position by steel bars fixed in the AKKOblock base.

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