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AKKOflip - The Base Frame

To create the "resonant volume", you need a closed space. This space should approximately represent the volume that is created in an instrument when the bellows is pulled open and compressed again. In the case of AKKOflip, the base frame creates a volume of approx. 9.9 liters (minus the reed blocks / reed plate holders / etc.) This is an average of the volumes when the bellows are raised and closed.

At the end, it is not a resonance that affects pitch and tone, but the feedback of space on the reeds.

When the base frame is placed on the worktop and fastened, it is closed at the bottom. Two cross struts on the base are used for fastening, with holes for the fastening screws that engage in the threads in the worktop with the blowhole. The blowhole should not be located directly under the reed plates, or should be shielded upwards so that the airflow is not directed directly onto the reed plates..

The version with the two cross struts is intended for use with AKKOtune compact or AKKOtune DESK. When used on a different worktop, the positions of blowhole and mounting holes are not standardized. Therefore, there is a base frame with closed bottom for this purpose, where the customer makes both blowhole and mounting holes himself.

The frame has a projection on both sides that serves to support the cover plate when it is opened. Above this are two pivot hinges on the right and left, each with a slot into which the lateral edges of the cover plate can be inserted. The cover plate is then secured with knurled screws and can be flipped around the pivot point of the hinges.

The top edge of the frame is provided with a PU foam seal and a total of 6 strong magnets, so that the folded cover plate (which is also provided with magnets at appropriate points) is held securely closed and is airtight.

Standard Cover Plate       Overview